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Outside of the Museum is Complete!

However, your help is still needed to fill the museum with displays, exhibits, furniture, and to perform some much-needed restoration on delicate items. Your support will help finish the Bill Monroe Museum!

Help Finish the Museum!

In the heart of Rosine, KY, the Bill Monroe Museum will serve as the home to the complete legacy of Bill Monroe and pay homage to his life and career. Rosine and Jerusalem Ridge are the must-see sights of Bluegrass music and the museum will only add to that sentiment!

  • It means the world! It gives people a chance now to come from all over the world to see my father’s museum.

    James Monroe
    Son of Bill Monroe
  • One thing I’ve learned about the Bluegrass Community is that we are a tight-knit family. That’s why we are asking the Bluegrass Family to be a part of building a home for the legacy of the Father of Bluegrass.

  • When news of this project first hit, my wife and I quickly purchased our brick for the Blue Moon Walkway. As part of the bluegrass community, we are proud of this project and proud to have a tangible connection to this project.

Grand Opening

September 13, 2018

Happy Birthday Bill!

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