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For large donation amounts, please consider giving directly to minimize our fees associated with collection. Pick a perk below, then fill out this form.

$2,500 - Founder

As a Founder, you will gain access to the VIP Digital Package, immortalize your message in the Blue Moon Walkway on a large brick, receive a Founder’s Kit containing official items to display your contribution, and enjoy a curated pilgrimage to Rosine, KY! The founder’s kit will contain exclusive items such as apparel, a photo experience of the museum, certificates, personalized messages, a founder’s plaque both at your home and at the museum, and more! Please consider giving directly for this perk.

$5,000 - Silver Founder

Silver Founders will know they made the museum possible and enjoy all the Founder perks. Also, they’ll become an honorary citizen of Bill Monroe’s hometown of Rosine, KY and be listed in a special, prominent place at the museum! Last, they will receive an official Bill Monroe Museum pictorial book containing a full museum experience. Please consider giving directly for this perk.

$10,000 - Jerusalem Ridge Mandolins

Bryan England and Larry Shepard made two mandolins from wood from around the Bill Monroe Homeplace and even from wood off of the Homeplace itself. The very soul of bluegrass lives in these mandolins and while currently on loan to the museum, your donation will allow the purchase of the mandolins to seat them permanently in the Bill Monroe Museum.Please consider giving directly for this perk.

$10,000 - Gold Founders

Gold Founders will receive all the Silver level perks with the addition of the Elite Founder’s Kit which includes many official gear items including a plaque naming you a founder that is made from wood taken from the original Bill Monroe Homeplace! Also, travel to rosine is included on the Gold Curated Pilgrimage! Please consider giving directly for this perk.

$25,000 - Platinum Founder

We cannot thank our Platinum Founders enough, but the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony is a good start! We will take care of transportation and lodging, you just come ready to bump elbows with some of the greats of Bluegrass and close friends of Bill Monroe at the private ceremonies! The private events will include performances, dinner, and private showings in the museum. Please consider giving directly for this perk.

$50,000 - Sponsor/Dedicate an Exhibit

While wings and rooms are going to have sponsors that pay annually, the three exhibit display areas will remain permanent in their nomenclature.  We will work with you to create a custom placard to christen the display as you see fit. Then we will bring you to Rosine to reveal it to the Bluegrass Elite at the private ribbon cutting ceremony events! Please consider giving directly for this perk.

$100,000 - Name the Welcome Theater

Make the Welcome Theater possible and choose its name! This once in a lifetime opportunity to establish a legacy of your own alongside and within the legacy of Bill Monroe is truly special. Name the theater and reveal it to the Bluegrass elite at the private ribbon cutting ceremony events! Please consider giving directly for this perk.

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